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  • Thailand's Altar of Heaven


    Tian Tan

      "Tian Tan" is a sacred place of worship built specifically for the Chinese emperors to pay respect to heaven and earth. The architecture of the Hall and the Altar of Heaven is based on the design of a sphere which is derived from the ancient Chinese belief that "heaven" is round.
      From the historical records of China, "Kok Sue" is the person directly responsible for the construction of Tian Tan. "Kok" in Chinese means "kingdom" and "Sue" means "professor". Therefore, Kok Sue can literally be translated as "Professor of the Kingdom".
      Kok Sue was a nobleman with supreme power and was given the task of managing and determining the kingdoms overall affairs, and in particular, the policy and strategies concerning wars, all of which were meant to be strictly adhered to by the emperor himself. In the event that a Kok Sue failed to convince the emperor to abide by any issue, the Kok Sue in question would be instantly dismissed.

    Essential Strategic Location Elements of Tian Tan

    1. There must be two mountains adjoining one another forming a Yin-Yang. The spot where the feet of the two mountains adjoin is known as Earthly Navel whereas the feet of the two mountains before the connection is known as Umbilical Cord

      • Earthly Navel is the positioning for worshipping heaven and earth
      • Heart of Heaven is the positioning for seeking blessings
      • Tian Tan is the recreation hall for the emperor
    1. There must be continuity of mountains surrounding the area like a city wall.
    1. The positioning of 315° of the Heart of Heaven is the Heaven Door and In front of this positioning, there must be a Mountain Door with two mountains in a vertical line separating from one another as a mountain pass.
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